Sketch of a door with the lettering "No Place To Go"

No Place to Go is an artist-made haunted house where unrealized fears manifest in an immersive world driven by choice-making and the horror of the binary. A collaborative project co-directed by Serena Chopra, Kate Speer and Frankie Toan, No Place to Go will premiere in October 2020. The work merges the absurdist storytelling of dance-theatre with tactile, interactive visual art installations to create environments where the audience can examine and embrace the interaction between fear and desire.

The project will premiere just before the presidential election. The work will be a timely commentary on the limitations and fears inherent in our political “choices.” In the shadow of the impending election, we are confronted with our fraught participation in the nation state and will necessitate radical, queer modes for re-imagining the relationship of our bodies to our haunted (national) home.

Through queering the haunted house experience, this project will offer a critical look into the cultural fears of bodies in oppressive sociopolitical spaces. In a typical haunted house, viewers are faced with culturally dominant fears that take the form of recognizably scary objects and scare tactics, such as zombies, chainsaws and demons. Alternately, No Place to Go will connect audiences to internal landscapes of fear, allowing them to experience the ultimate fear that there is no place to be, no place to go for certain bodies in oppressive sociopolitical spaces.

Co-directors, Serena Chopra, Kate Speer, and Frankie Toan discuss the vision and inspiration for No Place to Go.